Why Use Our Online Form Builder?

Formcodes Builder is here. Build, design, manage, and process your online forms for all of your websites.

Online Form Builder

Formcodes Builder is a feature rich, easy-to-use, online form builder web application allowing
members to create forms, collect data, configure e-mail notifications, and more for multiple websites. Sound useful? We invite you to become a member, use code access for 50% off your first month and give Formcodes builder a spin.

So, what features are included and how does the Formcodes online form builder work? Let’s run through some of the main features and functions this form builder will be able to accommodate for you.

Online Form Builder Feature Contents

  1. Online Form Builder
  2. Pop-up Form Creator
  3. Email Notifications
  4. Conditional Logic
  5. File Uploads
  6. Auto Form Validation
  7. Form Analytics
  8. Submission Reports
  9. Submission Management

Online Form Builder

Design your online forms easily with a simple drag and drop form editor interface. Save and manage your form templates.

Pop-up Form Creator

Create attractive and functional pop-up forms without coding by setting the size, color, and pop-up effect.

Email Notifications

Control and manage your email delivery preferences. Receive attachments, store messages, and send confirmations.

Conditional Logic

Use conditional logic within your forms to show or hide form fields based on choices the user makes.

File Uploads

Create and manage file upload forms to receive documents, photos, resumes, or other attachments.

Auto Form Validation

Automatically validate important form fields to receive clean, user-submitted form contents.

Form Analytics

Learn how well your forms are performing based on unique form views, conversions, and form abandonment ratio.

Submission Reports

Build and view interactive form submission reports. Easily customize the output of your form report data.

Submission Management

Manage all of your form submission data, make updates, search contents, and make comments on your form entries.

There are quite a few online form builder tools out there, but forms are what we do and we tried to take the guess work out of the equation for a seamless experience. Become a Formcodes builder member and enjoy all of the tools and form integration features that are available to you.

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