PHP Form Processor Script With User Confirmation Email

HTML form to email PHP script with user confirmation email template.

Easily process your web form with this PHP form processor script. You as well as the user will receive a HTML e-mail notification upon successful form submission. This PHP form processor script is light-weight and will accommodate unlimited form fields for any HTML form. All configurations are based on a single, well documented PHP file for ease of use.

Success Notification

php form processor script email notification

Confirmation Notification

php form processor script user confirmation

Custom HTML Confirmation Notification E-mails

Receive a cross-browser compatible HTML e-mail template based notification containing your form submission details as well as a user confirmation e-mail. All aspects can be customized.

Single PHP File

All of the form processing happens within a single customizable PHP file. Modify your delivery e-mail address, company name, company e-mail address, logo, and success redirect page.

Success Redirect

After a user submits your web form they will instantly be redirected to a URL of your choice. For example, a thank you page, payment page, or download.