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100% Free Website Uptime Monitoring – Notified

Get instant notifications when your website goes offline. Notified is a nifty little application that is always online and always 100% free.

How Does It Work?

It is literally the most simplistic process in terms of getting setup, let’s walk through the process for those that may not be so technically inclined (that was a joke).

First ...

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What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Without getting technical on the SEO specifics, the most simple way to understand the impact of SEO techniques can be looked at by assessing two things:

1.) What SEO, in all shapes and forms does for your website.

2.) What value search engines, specifically Google wants to see from your website.

Ingredient #1

On the first point, SEO should ...

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3 Ingredients Of A Successful Freelancer

Owning a web development business and serving as the lead developer, I have worked with countless clients as well as a diverse group of businesses both large and small — I have learned that there are literally 3 simple steps to follow to grow and maintain your business which apply to freelancers as well.

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How To Choose The Right Web Development Company

Web design and development are a hot commodity these days, everyone “claims” to be the best as well as an expert — unfortunately, all web development service providers are not cut from the same cloth.

I would recommend firmly evaluating your requirements the best you can first, depending on what your project goals are.

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