Form Coding

Topic: General form coding for your website.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Without getting technical on the SEO specifics, the most simple way to understand the impact of SEO techniques can be looked at by assessing two things:

1.) What SEO, in all shapes and forms does for your website.

2.) What value search engines, specifically Google wants to see from your website.

Ingredient #1

On the first point, SEO should ...

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Why Use Our Online Form Builder?

Formcodes Builder is a feature rich, easy-to-use, online form builder web application allowing
members to create forms, collect data, configure e-mail notifications, and more for multiple websites. Sound useful? We invite you to become a member, use code access for 50% off your first month and give Formcodes builder a spin.

So, what features are included and ...

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Contact Form 7 HTML Email Template Example

Contact form 7 is the most developer friendly WordPress plugin when it comes to having control and managing your WordPress website forms. By default, when you create a new form, the user submitted form contents are delivered to you via plainly formatted text or an HTML formatted email.

So, what’s the problem? Well, Contact Form ...

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Reset All Form Fields With Simple Javascript

It doesn’t really matter why you might want to add a reset form button for your users. It could be that the form has conditional logic, is super long, complex, or that it has form fields that are prone to user error. We are going to look at an incredibly simple way to add a ...

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Remove The Website Field From The WP Comment Form

Back in the good ol’ days it was cool to have the “website” field in your WordPress comment form. Although it’s not a required field, this is a sure fire recipe for spam not to mention is just one more thing a user must think about filling out to engage with your content. So, these ...

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What Is

Welcome to Formcodes. Web forms are the backbone of web development and have been a consistent standard within the web development process. When dealing with web forms, there are literally countless aspects that can be be customized and/or integrated to fit your workflow.

Formcodes provides practical HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP form code resources to ...

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