100% Free Website Uptime Monitoring – Notified

Get instant notifications when your website goes offline.

Free Website Uptime Monitor

Get instant notifications when your website goes offline. Notified is a nifty little application that is always online and always 100% free.

How Does It Work?

It is literally the most simplistic process in terms of getting setup, let’s walk through the process for those that may not be so technically inclined (that was a joke).

First – visit Notified and take a few seconds to breeze through the homepage.
Second – you will want to enter your e-mail address and website URL.
Third – you will want to press the “activate” button.

Aside from the painless process of setting up your website – there is also no accounts to manage, no apps, no profiles, etc. just simple website notifications. Here is what you get for this generous but very widely used platform:

Real-Time Monitoring

Notified monitors your website based on real-time loading of your website content.

Always Working

Notified uses website monitoring technology that is always online, our system scans your website continuously.

Universal Website Support

Notified works with any platform, E-commerce, Custom HTML/PHP, WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, and more.

E-mail Notifications

Notified will send you e-mail notifications based on the accessibility of your website.

Instant Activation

Activate your website profile within the Notified monitoring system in one click.

No Installation Required

Notified is a website uptime monitoring service made simple with no installation or integration needed.

Free Website Uptime Monitoring
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